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Posted by Phil Weber on August 22, 2006

Between the recent demise of Kiko and Scoble’s rants about Google Calendar, online calendars are a hot topic. I don’t use an online calendar because I have yet to find one that does what I want. Here’s my scenario:

  • I use Outlook with Exchange with work
  • I use Outlook without Exchange at home
  • I carry a Palm PDA on which I want to see both work and personal items

I don’t know of any way to sync my Palm with Outlook on two different PCs, so I must currently enter appointments and tasks in Outlook and on my Palm.

I’d love an application that lets me enter all my appointments and tasks in one place, then syncs my work-related items with Outlook at work, my personal items with Outlook at home, and a combination of items with my Palm. Attention Web 2.0 companies: I would happily pay a monthly fee for such a service!

I had high hopes for AirSet, and it’s close. But I don’t see any way to sync personal items with Outlook and both personal and work items with my Palm.

Am I the only one who wants this? Do you know of an app that supports this scenario?


Posted by Doug on August 23, 2006:

Hi Phil,

Doug Fults of Airena here (one of the AirSet folks). I saw your post through a technorati search and wanted to pass on a possible solution.

AirSet will sync with any number of PC’s, and the sync client can be configured differently on each machine. (Work Outlook Work calendar, Home Outlook Personal (or maybe shared home/family) calendar, and the combo with Palm.

The only problem is that this requires three installations of the sync client - you already want to sync with Home & Work, it’s possible to use a different user account in Windows XP for the third if there’s not a third PC that would be handy for syncing Palm to this networked calendaring environment.

If you have any questions, just send a note in via the “feedback” link in the AirSet footer - we’re generally pretty quick getting back to folks.

Hope this helps!

Doug Fults Airena, Inc.

Posted by Christopher on September 22, 2006:

Hey Phil, Randy keeps me up on your photos from around the world. I saw your question about uni-sync of PIM. Check out this article on this issue..

Have a super day!

I think the Bethel is in Bangalore…Did you go?

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