Cingular Sucks

Posted by Phil Weber on February 7, 2006

From: Phil Weber
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 8:15 PM
Subject: Please take my money!

I am a former AT&T Wireless customer. I am satisfied with my current phone and calling plan. I would like to add a Laptop Connect Unlimited line for $59.99/month and purchase a Sierra Wireless Aircard 860 PC Card modem. Cingular's Web site allows me to order them, but when I get to the checkout page and enter my payment information, I am told to “double-check my address and try again” (see attached screenshots; the address is correct).

I went into my local Cingular Wireless store today and attempted to order them in person, and was told that because I am a former AT&T Wireless customer, I do not qualify for the $59.99/month price. In order to qualify, I must switch to a Cingular plan, which would be fine except that in order to do so, I must also purchase a new phone!

This is unacceptable. I am an existing customer who WANTS to pay you an additional $60/month, and Cingular won't let me. I would prefer to keep my existing phone and calling plan, but if I have to purchase a new phone in order to obtain wireless broadband access, I'll do so with Verizon.

Can you help me?

Thank you,
Phil Weber

Update: Apparently, I’m not the first customer to experience this frustration.


Posted by Chris Kinsman on February 10, 2006:

Been there done that now have 5 new phones…

Posted by Kelly on February 21, 2006:

High Five Phil!!! I fired Cingular! I can’t stand them. I too was a satisfied AT&T customer and it all changed once they got sucked up by Cingular. It’s a wonder they make any profit with their wacked way of receiving payments…they kept telling me I wasn’t paying my bills when I had proof that I had…turned out the routing number had changed in order for them to process online payments…but did they tell their customers that? NO. You were supposed to just “know”. They didn’t even know…my bank figured it out for me. It took countless hours of back and forth phone calls and no one wanting to handle my call before it was straightened out. A co-worker of mine had a similar problem. Every time I see their ads “raising the bar” I read it as “raising your blood pressure”.

Posted by jocelyn on February 21, 2006:

Do yourself a huge favor. Switch to T-mobile stat. I think you got off easy, I wish I had. Had you switched to their service you would of been trapped for a year and it is horrible, just the worst service I have ever experienced in MY LIFE. Get out, before it is too late!

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