Contest Update

Posted by Phil Weber on January 6, 2006

It’s been three days since I announced my Visual Studio Team Suite / MSDN Premium giveaway. Since then, I’ve noticed that several other MVPs are planning similar giveaways. Come back often (or subscribe); I’ll alert you to any additional contests I discover.

I’ve received 67 comments so far and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed. The majority of comments say, essentially, “I really want it but I can’t afford it.” Come on, people! This isn’t a raffle; you need to give us a reason to choose you over someone else. A few have resorted to threats (“Choose me or else I’ll use Java/Linux”), promises (“Choose me and I promise to learn how to use it”), or pity (“Choose me or my children will starve.”) I was hoping to hear, “I work for this charity/non-profit” (I did get a couple of those) and/or, “I could really use these specific features of VSTS...”

There have been a few standouts: Aidan is working on an innovative Web project that deserves some attention. And I enjoyed Adam Wright’s poem. No promises, guys, but you made a favorable impression.

FYI, if you want the software because you’re a starving student or running a startup, Microsoft offers significant discounts to both academic institutions and software companies. If you don’t score a free copy from an MVP, you should check those out.

Update: Patrick Santry, owner of, is giving away several VSTS/MSDN licenses.

Update 2: XML guru Oleg Tkachenko has licenses to give away and is looking for ideas.


Posted by James Shaw on January 6, 2006:

Yes, I agree. No-one’s putting any effort into it. It’s only 10 grands-worth though, what did we expect? :D

Posted by Marcus Stade on January 14, 2006:

Aww, but at least I put a humorous twist to it! ;o)

Seriously though, I really do need it.

Posted by Phil on January 14, 2006:

Marcus: Yes, your entry was at least humorous. Are you aware that ISVs may purchase an MSDN subscription for US$375? See for details.

Posted by Marcus Stade on January 14, 2006:

No, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for providing the link!

I wonder what the whole dog thing is about though. I mean, look at the dog on that page. The tail is cut off, didn’t think they did that these days. And it’s got the neck of a giraffe along with that really small head. Now that’s certainly one of the most unproportionall dogs I’ve ever seen.

I’d still like my contest entry to count though! ;o)

Posted by Debbie on January 31, 2006:

I would like this bundle of software so that I can start a side business creating and hosting websites. The profits from this will help put my two sons through college and help me move to a warmer climate. The winters in Wisconsin are getting colder and it’s becoming painfully clear that my sons are not going to win any athletic scholarships. If I don’t win this software I may have to choose between sending my boys to college and moving to a warmer climate. That’s a choice I don’t want to have make.

Thanks, Debbie

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