Posted by Phil Weber on December 26, 2005

OK, let's try this again...

When I started this blog three years ago, I was working on my first significant ASP.NET project and I wanted a place to record and share all the new stuff I was learning. Since then, the whole world (including hundreds of Microsoft employees) has started .NET blogs, and I've changed jobs so that I no longer write code every day.

I considered shutting the place down, or simply letting it languish as Google-fodder. But three factors have inspired me to resume blogging:

  • According to FeedBurner, at least 150 people subscribe to this feed, so I guess I’m not just talking to myself;
  • The site is a great way to build and maintain my personal brand. I’m the #1 “Phil Weber” on the major search engines, and I’d like to stay that way; and,
  • I actually have some things to say!

So, today is the first day of the rest of my blog. The focus will change somewhat — I’m now a trainer, so I’ll write about the lessons I’m learning in that new role — but I still have several .NET articles bouncing around my head, so watch for them. To those of you who haven’t pruned me from your blogroll, thanks for your loyalty. Tell a friend!


Posted by Bala on December 31, 2005:

Subscribed! I think you should have a “funny story of the week” section on your blog. That’ll draw a lot of readers to it (if that is what you want)


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