Brush with Greatness

Posted by Phil Weber on June 22, 2005

So, I'm sitting in Oakland airport this evening waiting to board my flight to Portland, when over the loudspeaker I hear, "Passenger Robert Scoble, please report to Gate 8." So I wander over to Gate 8, and sure enough, The Evangelist himself!

Now, I'm not just some anonymous fan: I've known Robert since before he was famous; I worked for several years with him and Maryam (when her last name had more than two syllables) at Fawcette Technical Publications. So we spent a few minutes catching up on what we’ve each been up to, exchanged business cards, and Scoble gave me a coveted Channel 9 Guy. Then my flight was boarding, and my brush with greatness was over as quickly as it had begun.

But let me tell you this, Dear Reader: In spite of all his cachet and notoriety, Robert still flies coach.

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