Mistaken Identity

Posted by Phil Weber on May 24, 2005
Brooke Murray

This is too funny.

Apparently, there is a “glamour” photographer who shares my name. (Be careful following those links; they may not be safe for workplace viewing!) Occasionally I receive e-mail — generally consisting of a young, hopeful model’s portfolio — intended for this other Phil Weber.

Not that I’m complaining: I could be getting this guy’s e-mail!


Posted by jayson knight on June 8, 2005:

That is too funny, though I definitely wouldn’t mind that email. The best part is that she lives in my home state…god bless some NC women :-).

Posted by Phil Weber (The "Other" One) on September 15, 2005:

Friends (who obviously have a lot more time to surf than I do) found this and passed it along. Thanks, Phil, for forwarding misdirected email when it comes. If I get any of yours I promise not to try to write software for them.

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