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Posted by Phil Weber on September 24, 2004
Mr. Leland: I'm sorry, there's just no way that we can keep you on.
Kramer: I don't even really work here!
Mr. Leland: That's what makes this so difficult.

Proof that my life is actually a Seinfeld episode: I've been fired from a volunteer job.

Since 1995, I've been designated a Microsoft Visual Basic MVP, based on technical assistance I've offered in various online communities. Most recently, I've been active in the DevX Technical Forums.

The arbiters of the MVP designation, however, grade on a curve. Though my online activities have remained relatively constant over the past few years, they apparently no longer qualify as "outstanding." When I pointed out that I have posted over 1,000 messages to the DevX Forums over the past 10 months, my MVP "Buddy" replied that some other MVPs have posted over 4,000 messages during that same period. (To which I say, "Go outside!" Who are these people? ;-)

I'm not bitter; I'll just work a little harder and earn back my title. You can help: Post your VB/C#/ASP.NET questions to the DevX Forums or as comments to this blog.

P.S. -- Adding insult to injury, at the conclusion of our last conversation, my MVP "Buddy" added, "...and Betsy asked me to tell you to quit stalking her!" :-)


Posted by Kent on September 24, 2004:


I guess the time you’ve spent watching Seinfeld should have been spent helping developers.

It’s a little sad anyway that these people are evangalizing and providing support for MS products for free. MS pays people to do the type of work the MVPs do. If it means that much to be a member of a clique then by all means. Personally, I’d rather watch Seinfeld or better yet spend time with my wife and son.

You’re better off.


Posted by Phil Weber on September 24, 2004:

Hi, Kent: It’s not just the “clique factor.” The MVP designation is a nice résumé enhancer, and I’ve appreciated the free MSDN Universal subscription (although I now have one through my employer) and access to internal Microsoft resources. Plus it’s just nice to feel appreciated for the time I volunteer to help others.

Posted by Len Weaver on September 24, 2004:

The DevX forums have been kind of dead since they dropped NNTP and went for a pure web interface. Perhaps you should direct your attentions to the Microsoft.Public.Dotnet.* newsgroups instead. Even if you posted fewer messages those messages would have greater visibility.

Posted by Phil Weber on September 24, 2004:

Thanks, Len, I’ll probably do that. I thought I’d get some visibility by being a “big fish in a small pond.” :-)

Posted by Betsy on November 17, 2004:

Well, that is darn odd. I don’t know who your MVP buddy is Phil, and I’ve not sent any warning messages through anyone I can think of. I appreciate that you are being a good sport in earning back your MVP spurs.

Speaking as MSDN community pm, there will be many more opportunities to interact with developers in the coming year, so you won’t lack for venues to shine.

Maybe switch to Futurama and hope for the best?

Long live Bender,


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