Create Great .NET User Interfaces

Posted by Phil Weber on July 9, 2004

I'll be speaking on the above subject at a meeting of the .NET Developers Association in Redmond, WA next Monday, July 12. Here's the blurb:

Even the most beautifully coded application will flop if people hate to use it. And they will, if its user interface is not designed with their goals in mind. What makes a great UI? How can you apply the principles that work so well for the guts of an application to its front end? I'll show you specific techniques (with code!) that you can use immediately to reduce complexity for your users and improve your presentation layer's efficiency and maintainability.

More details here. Next Monday is also my first day at a new job, so it'll be a busy day: work until 3 p.m., drive to Redmond, give my talk, drive home, and go to work Tuesday. Yikes!


Posted by Rocco on July 14, 2004:

Welcome to the team, Phil! I look forward to meeting you :)

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