Betsy Aoki Fan Club

Posted by Phil Weber on July 8, 2004

Scoble asks: What do you like/hate about Microsoft blogs?

Well, frankly, it is a bit of information overload. It's a full-time job just to keep up with, and I have to wade through a lot of BizTalk/C++/Exchange/Windows Mobile stuff that's really not relevant to me. And what's the deal with this guy? ;-)

Occasionally, however, sifting through all that chatter pays off: I discover an unsung blogger who speaks to my soul, one whom I may never have found otherwise. Betsy Aoki is such a blogger; I find her (too infrequent) posts a perfect combination of smart, funny and quirky that never fails to bring a smile to my face. (Don't worry, Betsy: I'm happily married and I live 200 miles away, so you're not likely to find me lurking in the bushes outside your home or office. I'm content to eStalk™ you via RSS.)

I hereby propose the formation of a Betsy Aoki Fan Club; to join, post a comment. Live it vivid! :-)


Posted by Betsy on July 12, 2004:

Thanks Phil. Fans and groupies always appreciated. :)


Posted by Andy on July 19, 2004:

Hey Phil. I actually met her at a Portland nerd dinner. She’s a hotty! Can I join the fan club?

Posted by Michael on September 7, 2004:

This is most stupid idea i ever heard. She has most useless blogs from microsoft.

Posted by Phil Weber on September 7, 2004:

Michael: The most stupid idea you’ve EVER heard? I think you need to get out more. ;-)

Incidentally, I don’t see a link to YOUR weblog. Please tell us where we may sample your writing, so we can compare it to Betsy’s.

Posted by Don Smith on December 1, 2004:

I thought the Fan Club might be interested in this if they hadn’t already seen it:

Pretty cool.

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