Happy Anniversary!

Posted by Phil Weber on January 11, 2004

Wake the kids and phone the neighbors: philweber.net is one year old! To celebrate, I'm re-launching with new software, a new host, and a new design. (What do you think of the way my comments work? I couldn't decide between popup and inline comments, so I've done both (or neither.)) Anyway, a lot has happened these past four months, so there's plenty to talk about!


Posted by Kent on January 23, 2004:

You said you have a lot to talk about yet nothing has been posted!

Here’s something to get you started. Why is it that the VB6 conversion tool continues to suck ass, yet Microsoft poors tons on money into a Java to .Net conversion tool?

Posted by Wolfe on March 3, 2004:

Does anyone know where I can find a decent conversion proggy to convert VB6 to VBnet? everytime I try to convert my vbp files i get errors?

Posted by Karl on June 4, 2004:

<knock> <knock>

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