New Look

Posted by Phil Weber on August 10, 2003

I grew tired of that sad little calendar staring back at me from my weblog, silently berating me over the fact that I've been writing only about once a month (or less!) -- and besides, does anyone actually use the thing for navigation? -- so I replaced it with links to monthly archives. Much better!

One minor wrinkle that made the change more challenging: Radio Userland (the software I use to produce this masterpiece) names its index pages "index.html". This site, however, is hosted on a Windows server configured to look for default pages named "default.aspx/asp/htm". Now, I could have simply included the file name in my archive links, or asked my ISP to add "index.html" to the server's list of default pages. But what I really wanted was for Radio to generate archive pages named "default.htm". Here's how I did it:

First, I went into (in radio.root) and changed fname2 and fname3 to "default.txt" and "default.htm", respectively. Then I modified "on getArchiveFilePath" in so that it returns a file named "default.txt", rather than "index.txt". That's it!

The downside, of course, is that the next time Userland updates the code in question, my changes will be overwritten. Wouldn't it be nice if Radio exposed the default filename as a preference?

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