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Posted by Phil Weber on July 14, 2003

Jupitermedia acquires

I started with Fawcette Technical Publications in February, 1999, to work on developing its growing network of Web sites. In January, 2000, that network was spun off as a separate company -- -- and I with it. I stayed for just over a year, then returned to FTP because I wanted to work with .NET (DevX was transitioning to ColdFusion).

It was interesting and educational to work for a Silicon Valley startup during those heady days of the dotcom boom. I'm thankful for the experience, and wish DevX continued success (as long as it doesn't adversely affect my current employer! ;-)


Posted by Mark Hurd on July 18, 2003:

Bugger. The email newsletters from and the other existing Jupitermedia web sites are almost junk mail compared to the DevX ones. That is, not as bad as spam, but only read once in a blue moon :-(

I hope DevX takes over all the other developer sites under Jupitermedia and not vice versa.

Posted by Lori Piquet on October 17, 2003:

Hey Phil and Mark, I just stumbled on this so who knows if you’ll ever see it …

The way it’s loooking now is that the DevX newsletters will be mailed from the JupM system (which is actually a third-party provider) but we (meaning the five DevX editors–me, Russell, Glen, Erin, Carrie) will still be in charge of content. Unless something drastically changes, the only thing different about your DevX newsletters will be the listmailer address.

Good to hear that you like them! Lori Piquet

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