J2EE vs .NET

Posted by Phil Weber on March 15, 2003

J2EE vs .NET: In a piece for Java Pro Magazine, Budi Kurniawan compares and contrasts J2EE with .NET, and concludes that J2EE had better watch its back. I'm curious whether other Java programmers feel it's a fair comparison?


Posted by Kent on April 11, 2003:


Not till .Net runs on Linux or Unix and is widely used. Either that or Windows somehow beats out linux over time, which is not likely to happen. OSS solutions are really starting to cut into corporate profits. Look at what the JBOSS group claims it’s doing to BEA.

There was an article posted recently on CNET or ZDNET that indicated that JBOSS usage was growing faster than Linux. So who should be watching their back?

Bottom line is that .Net and J2EE are going to have coexist for a long time. It is my hope that the existance of .Net will make J2EE better in the long run. I like what Sun is doing with Webservices and J2EE. Just wish it hadn’t taken so long!

I know both platforms so I don’t really care what happens. They are afterall only tools.


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