New Toys!

Posted by Phil Weber on January 25, 2003

I went ahead and ordered a Palm Tungsten/T and Sony Ericsson T68i this week. Bought the Palm online for about $400; AT&T (my current cell provider) sold me the phone for $100 after discounts and credits. That's $100 more than I would have paid had I switched to T-Mobile, but I got to keep my existing phone number, and AT&T's wireless data plan will save me $7/month over a comparable T-Mobile plan, so it won't take long to recoup the cost of the phone.

So far, everything looks pretty cool: via Bluetooth, I can use the phone as a wireless modem for the Palm without removing the phone from my pocket. (In informal speed tests, I've only been able to get up to about 25 Kbps.) I can also use the phone as a modem for my laptop via infrared, and, of course, I can send and receive e-mail and visit WAP sites on the phone itself. I'll be happier when I can get Wi-Fi anywhere, but it's nice to be able to check e-mail or surf the Web (well, it's not so much surfing as it is treading water) at near-dial-up speed when I'm nowhere near a laptop or a landline.

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