Handheld Computer Wishlist

Posted by Phil Weber on January 7, 2003

For the past two and a half years, I've been using a Palm Vx with a Minstrel V wireless modem. It's functional -- I enjoy having anywhere access to e-mail, instant messaging, yellow pages, Google, etc. -- but I must admit that newer devices have given me a bad case of PDA envy: I'd like a color screen, more memory, more bandwidth, a better browser, etc. But I can't find a device (or combination of devices) that provides everything I want for anywhere near the price I paid for my current setup (about $500). Here's my wishlist:

  • Small & light. As close to the size and weight of a Palm V as possible;
  • High-quality color screen. Minimum 320x320, 64K colors. Transflective preferred;
  • Wireless. Integrated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, with the other available via expansion card (2.5G or 3G wireless data capability would be OK as an alternative to Bluetooth);
  • Full-featured Web browser. I currently use Handspring's Blazer, but it doesn't support JavaScript or do a very good job with "full-size" Web sites. I'd prefer the new Palm Browser (requires OS 5), a mobile version of Opera, or at a minimum, Pocket IE;
  • Reasonably priced. As close to $500 as possible.

Anyone care to recommend their favorite wireless handheld device(s)? Any manufacturers want to send me an eval unit? ;-)

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