No Wonder Americans Are Overweight

Posted by Phil Weber on December 13, 2002

The first Segway electronic scooters have shipped. Call me old-fashioned, but why can't these people just ride bicycles? The weather is obviously pleasant enough where they live that they can zip around on an open vehicle, and 12.5 mph (the Segway's top speed) is a piece of cake on a bike. They could get an excellent bike for far less than the Segway's $5,000 price (they could get two or three good bikes for that price), and get in better shape while they're at it. What am I missing?

Update: OK, I guess if you need to carry 100 lbs. of cargo, a bicycle isn't practical. But how many Segway owners fit that description?


Posted by Leslie H on December 22, 2002:

Amen, my brutha. I have 4 bikes now, the Pinarello just missing a saddle, and have NO desire for a $5k scooter. I am thrilled to death with my $4k manual mode of transportation (that would be it without the discounts….)

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